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A disaster management and emergency preparedness planning professional, Claude has experience in responding to and managing emergency situations for more than thirty years. Whether facilitating a solution to community problems or emergency management, his approach to problem solving is firmly embedded in the belief that success is best achieved through a locally-empowered, results-based management process. He endorses the philosophy that for every problem there is a community based solution waiting to be discovered.

Claude’s background and experience includes a twenty three-year career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) where he specialized in the development of programs that tackle and mitigate potential disasters through community problem management, crime/crisis prevention and crisis communication.

After early retirement from the RCMP, Claude joined Acadia University as Senior Advisor to the President on Government and Community Relations. Serving as a member of the senior management team for one of Canada’s leading undergraduate universities, Claude was responsible for external relations, managing and building relationships with all levels of government, national and international business partnerships and general community affairs.

Internally, he was tasked with developing a campus safety program with the primary focus on crisis prevention, emergency, business continuity and pandemic planning and disaster management. As a result of Claude’s work, Acadia University is now one of the only university campuses in Canada with a fully operational Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) that can be manned by a proficient management team, equipped and trained to operate in a time of crisis. To complete the process, he negotiated an M.O.U. with the Regional Emergency Management Organization, (REMO) ensuring Acadia’s EOC is integrated into the regional and provincial Emergency Management Operations system as a full member of the regional mutual aid connected agencies.

Claude’s passion is his community and he has been involved in many efforts where his government relations experience has resulted in successful campaigns in planning for the adaptation to climate change and disaster prevention projects resulting in improvements to coastal harbours, wharf restorations and other essential public infrastructure.

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