About | Mind Bloom


What We Do

Our understanding of the potential that enhanced education and well-developed public safety programs brings to any country is supported by more than 50 years of collective experience.

Whether in the Caribbean or the United Kingdom, Canada or Africa, the MindBloom approach is about tackling each project on a case-by-case basis, drawing on our rich database of experts to gather the best team for every project. Our clients provide the challenge and we provide the solution.

How We Do It

MindBloom can help you to plan, grow and structure your environment to address key issues such as strategy, technology, and process. With our unique, collaborative approach, we offer not only specific subject matter expertise, but also the insight of others through our consulting alliances.

Bringing people together and forging strong relationships is what we are recognized for. Regardless of the challenge or the project, our job is to organize the right team for the task and to crystallize a roadmap that simplifies even the most difficult of challenges.


  • Professional development in pedagogy and technology infused learning
  • Assessment and evaluation of educational systems
  • Curriculum development incorporating technology, inclusive practise and multi-age strategies
  • Technology infrastruture evaluation
  • Project management
  • Strategic planning & communications
  • GAP analysis and needs identification
  • Disaster risk management
  • Emergency preparedness planning